Sam's project management acumen ensures that our clients are never caught off guard.

Ebram Maqar

P.Eng.,Leed AP

keeps the day-to-day business activities rolling.


Develop, nurture and establish long term, mutually beneficial client relationships. Grow and expand our services infrastructure to meet the needs of the entire region.

Understand our changing industry and promote realistic reliable solutions to our customers.

our leadership team

Business Competitiveness

  • Resources such as our own Engineering Department
  • 15 years' experience in the field
  • Highly Professional Staff
  • Extensive experience in different sectors across the world
  • Corporate rational to assist customers
  • follow safety procedures
  • Hold a clear record in accident safety
  • Separate quality control department‚Äč
  • highly insured in our work
Bringing construction expertise to everyone.

JCS Contracting and Marketing LTD. was started to accomplish one goal and one goal only:  To make expertise in the commercial construction and telecom trades available to anyone tracking any projects in major countries located in 3 different continents and in the works of expansion. 

George Abdelmalak

Construction Manager

George has been a successful construction manager for 15 years.

Business goals & objectives

Building strong networks for carriers in North America and giving technical solutions when required. To allow carries to satisfy their customers`needs. 


Always be honest, forthright, and professional in all business actions.

Provide the highest quality service and workmanship available in the North American area. 

Ebram Maqar

P.Eng.,Lead AP

Our founder